Welcome to The Bitcoin Forecast by Willy Woo

This is my paid newsletter which goes out as an alert service to Bitcoin investors and traders. All reports are succinct and easy to read, while packed with on-chain charts, along side my interpretation and commentary. You will get:

  • Predictive changes in BTC price directionality

  • Eyeballs on the current macro structure of the market to answer the 100 billion dollar question; “Are we approaching the market top?”

  • Ability to engage, ask questions and access to ongoing new research

How often will this newsletter go out?
It’s based on changes in the on-chain structure of Bitcoin, this happens every 4-6 weeks. You can expect a minimum cadence of one letter every 2-3 weeks even if it’s a short form update confirming not much has changed.

How reliable are the forecasts?
Historically they have been 95% accurate, based on the calls I’ve made publicly on Twitter since 2017 and the forecasts in this letter. There’s no promise this level of accuracy can be maintained as the structure of the blockchain and methods are constantly changing. The market is also becoming more sophisticated.

Do I get price targets?
Absolutely not. With blockchain data we can derive demand and supply dynamics between investors, with that information it’s possible to predict changes in price direction, it cannot determine how high or low the price may go thereafter. We can also estimate the timing of price moves and a floor price organic investors may be willing to support.

Are these trade signals?
The Bitcoin Forecast provides you with institutional quality on-chain analysis, how you trade this analysis is up to you.

Can I chat to Willy Woo?
The Bitcoin Forecast does not yet provide consultation services. For a limited time subscribers can leave questions and comments which are usually answered, in future this will be only available to higher tier customers, however there will always be channels for engagement through AMA events for paid customers.

Are alt-coins covered?
No, this is a Bitcoin-only forecast. I’ve found alt-coin on-chain analysis is less reliable, and more heavily influenced by Bitcoin’s price movements.

About Me
My Bitcoin career started in 2013 as a technologist researching crypto investments with a data-centric approach. Since that time I've written for Forbes and CoinDesk, rising to a top-5 analyst positioning by 2017, and have advised VC and hedge funds as part of that journey. Fast forward to today, my tweets find their way into third party media articles on a daily basis and I appear semi-regularly on webcasts and conferences for my work analysing the structure of the crypto-asset markets.

Why I write this newsletter
As the current wave of smart money enters the Bitcoin market, powered by proprietary research, I have made it my endeavour to make similar grade research easily available to the public. As a premium member you are supporting this work. This is an economic revolution.